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A free sample pair of Zouri is available, freight collect.

Above everything else, to me, PEACE is the most important.

Hamayan Zouri’s are made with my earnest wish for the world peace.

I am a male nuno-zouri maker who learned how to make a pair way back in 1945 after the massed air-raids by the U.S. Air Force. My home where I was born and brought up was demolished by the bombing and I was evacuated to Kyushu where I learned how to make rice-straw zouri’s. Each pair is created using split old clothes with my earnest wishes for the world peace. Hamayan-zouri’s are well accepted by many people, although they are irregular in size and design. If you wish to make a pair and if you like a sample zouri, it’s available for free, freight collect by Kuroneko Yamato Takkyubin. I must mention, however, due to backlog of requests, you may have to wait for a while.

(This webpage has been maintained since August 3, 2000.)

After the TV broadcast, I have been inundated with requests for free samples. The situation has become out of hand and quite chaotic to the extent I find myself unable to say for certain when I can send my next zouri, despite the all out efforts I make each day in the heat of the scorching August in my 72 years of age.

If you send a self-addressed and self-stamped envelope (90 yen stamp if in Japan) to the following address, I will send you a 7-page illustrated manual in A4 size for creating a Hamayan zouri:
       Masahiro HAMADA
      10-3 Koshien Urakazecho, Nishinomiyashi
      Hyogoken 663-8165, Japan

If you do not mind waiting for a while, I will send a sample pair made by me in my spare time.

Please note that I do not accept any order on a commercial basis.

How to Make A Pair of Hamayan Zouri in YouTube Video

This Video Presentation has been just created thanks to the most powerful helping hand who game me guidance when this homepage was first put on the web back in 2000. He suggests providing this homepage in plural languages.

The 1st Lesson, which is the most important step to make a pair of your own nuno-zouri.

The 2nd Lesson, to the point of reversing the side: This step determines both the size and shape of zouri.This is the fundamental technique for making a pair.

The 3rd Lesson:
A thong is affixed to the sole, when you reach the length equal to the full span between your middle finger and thumb.

The 4th Lesson,
the final step: Just pull the knot toward you. Lo, and behold, your own Zouri takes its final shape, thanks to the crossed (pekepon) inner rope technique devised by an anonymous genius who hit upon this brilliant idea a long, long time ago.